Nevada Drive Interceptor Feasibility Evaluation

Client—Beacon Hill Water & Sewer District, Kelso, Washington

The District hired Gibbs & Olson to evaluate the feasibility of replacing 11,000 linear feet of existing corrugated metal pipe and asbestos cement sanitary sewer conveyance pipeline. The pipeline was constructed in the 1960’s within the ravines south of Nevada Drive. There is limited access to this piping with steep slopes and streams located near or adjacent to much of the pipeline route.

Gibbs & Olson prepared an evaluation comparing the feasibility of utilizing pipe bursting, open trench construction and horizontal directional drilling to replace the existing pipelines. It recommended the pipelines be replaced by open trench techniques in the flatter more accessible areas and by horizontal directional drilling in the steep inaccessible sections.

The District has authorized Gibbs & Olson to proceed with the second phase of the project which includes field survey work, preliminary critical areas field work and a desktop cultural resources investigation.