Gibbs & Olson has consistently provided professional and timely services for our surveying and construction projects. I am most impressed in their ability and willingness to respond on short notice to accommodate our needs and to respond to government agency representatives. The staff of Gibbs & Olson have proven their commitment to provide friendly, quality, and professional services. I strongly recommend Gibbs & Olson for consideration to others in needs of such services without reservation.

In my positions at Cowlitz County Dept. of Public Works and Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District, I have worked with Gibbs & Olson on quite a few projects over the last 14 years ranging in variety from water and sewer line replacements and sewer and stormwater pump stations to land surveying. Gibbs & Olson’s expertise and integrity set them apart from other firms. Their team members provide excellent services and bring solutions that are in our best interest. It is without hesitation that I recommend Gibbs & Olson to others that need engineering and surveying services.

Gibbs & Olson provides exceptional services that include project design, stormwater treatment, permit support, surveying, AutoCad, site development, and a host of other key development and support services. Columbia River Carbonates uses Gibbs & Olson because its people are top notch, their fee structures are fair and reasonable, their performance is timely, and deliverables are effective and accurate.

Astoria selected Gibbs & Olson to provide engineering services for our combined sewer separation project. The project limits include several known inactive and active landslide areas. Gibbs & Olson and Shannon & Wilson have not only provided sound design solutions to address our pipeline and roadway stability concerns, but have also provided regular and consistent communication throughout our project.

Gibbs & Olson’s team has been working on several projects for our Port. Their professionalism, dedication, work ethic, cost management and focus on details has been instrumental for the Port being successful on projects. Their expertise in stormwater as well as land survey has been a critical component to our projects and the Port could not be more satisfied with their products. We have used them for surveying several properties for site development and currently working with them on our Guild Road Industrial II Binding Site Plan. This is why Gibbs & Olson has consistently rose to the top for selection of projects from their proposals through the final project. They are truly a solid team.

We have worked with Gibbs & Olson since 1995. When our wastewater treatment plant was under an Administrative Order, Gibbs & Olson worked closely with us to carefully evaluate all the feasible alternatives. They took into account how the costs for a new wastewater treatment plant would impact our community and our citizens. The final solution was cost-effective and the resulting plant is affordable to maintain. We appreciate their efforts and approach to solutions that work for us and continue to use Gibbs & Olson for our projects.

During construction of the horizontal directional drilling of the HDPE forcemain under the Chehalis River, Gibbs & Olson and their subconsultant put the Contractor on notice that their drilling machine was marginal and could lead to significant delays. Gibbs & Olson’s proactive approach and knowledge eliminated a potential claim on the project after the drilling contractor got the drilling head stuck under the River and spent an extra week performing the work. Gibbs & Olson has always worked to protect the City’s best interest and I appreciate their proactive approach.

The Port of Chehalis has worked with Gibbs & Olson since the early 90s and the versatility and broad knowledge of their staff has been of great value to the Port. Of note is the Port’s landmark 66 acre wetland mitigation site which was skillfully designed and construction supervised by Gibbs & Olson with no net loss or gain of soils. The site was sculpted into a functioning wetland mitigation site which received praise from the Washington Department of Ecology. Additionally, the firm has completed several hydrology research and analysis projects for the Port and the local flood control district which have been invaluable to mitigate for and reduce future flood damage.

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