Cowlitz 911 Public Authority Call Center

Owner: Cowlitz 911 Public Authority, Kelso, Washington

Gibbs & Olson provided the survey, feasibility study (included 5 sites), permitting, civil site design engineering, and construction phase services for the recently constructed Cowlitz 911 Call Center. The 3.6-acre site will share the property with the future Longview Fire Station 83. Site utilities included potable water, fire suppression, sanitary sewer and storm drainage. Site access and parking areas are asphalt pavement and include landscaped areas. Biofiltration swales provide stormwater treatment and underground pipe storage provides detention of the runoff from the proposed impervious surfaces.


Gibbs & Olson performed above and beyond our expectations.  I came into this project after the start and was charged with catching it up and completing the project. The Gibbs & Olson team was consistently available and showed up when others changed the plan. They provided excellent advice and worked to ensure our project was handled properly. Every time a question arose between the contractor and the city, Gibbs & Olson provided guidance and a solution for all parties. Their work was cost-effective and timely. I highly recommend them as a partner on construction projects as a calm expert.

—John Diamond, Executive Director, Cowlitz 911