Isabella Court Senior Apartments, Vancouver, Washington

Client—MWA Architects

Isabella Court is an affordable housing facility that provides a permanent residence for independent senior living. The facility was constructed in two phases. Gibbs & Olson completed the civil site design. Site amenities include parking, outdoor plaza, landscaping and community gardening space. Site utility improvements included installing potable water, sanitary sewer and stormwater. Separate water services were extended to the site to provide both domestic water supply and fire supply for fire hydrants and the building fire suppression systems. The site storm system connects to the existing storm piping, and consists of catch basins and piping to collect and convey collected runoff to two separate onsite underground detention facilities. Improvements also included the construction of 800 feet of private roadway for primary site access and circulation, two parking areas, 7,900 square feet of modular block retaining wall, a stormwater pump station and grading for the building sites.