Gibbs & Olson Selected for Coweeman Levee Raise

Gibbs & Olson was recently selected to provide consulting services for the Coweeman Levee Raise. The Coweeman River Levee provides flood protection to a large portion of the City of Kelso and is managed and maintained by Consolidated Diking Improvement District No. 3. To increase the level of flood protection, the levee will be raised in height by up to 3 feet for a length of 1.6 miles between Grade Street and Allen Street. Gibbs & Olson’s team will provide geotechnical evaluation, design, permitting, surveying, right-of-way/easement acquisition assistance, and construction phase services necessary to implement the proposed levee raise. Project components include a gravel maintenance road along the top of the raised levee, access roadways from the toe to the top of the levee and gates to restrict unauthorized vehicle access. To allow safer access for maintenance equipment and levee inspections, the improvements will also include increasing the top width of the levee from 10 feet to 14 to 18 feet.