Gibbs & Olson Attends 2013 IACC Conference

Paula Coviello and Vicki Wiggins of Gibbs & Olson attended the Infrastructure Assistance Coordinating Council (IACC) Conference in Wenatchee in October. The IACC is an organization comprised of state and federal agencies, local government associations, and nonprofit technical assistance organizations that provide technical or financial assistance to local jurisdictions.

The conference provides an opportunity to meet funding program staff and explore potential funding strategies for our communities in need. The conference is also a great place to learn about changes in funding programs for the upcoming year. This year’s keynote speaker was Charles Marohn, co-founder and president of Strong Towns. Strong Towns is a non-profit non-partisan organization that helps America’s towns achieve financial strength and resiliency.

Gibbs & Olson – Proud Supporter of the Lower Columbia College STEM Institute

shapeimage_1 (2)Almost everything about our world—all the things we do, touch and know— are in some way tied to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). As civil engineers and land surveyors, STEM is a big piece of our daily work at Gibbs & Olson. We enjoyed participating in the 2013 STEM Institute program hosted by Lower Columbia College. Dan Bergman, our survey crew chief, provided students with a hands-on introduction to Global Positioning System land surveying.


Dan presented the students with both historical and educational information about land surveying and they also had an opportunity to use our field equipment. The students learned how surveying is a critical component of every building and construction project and how surveying contributes to their everyday world. We are a proud supporter of the STEM program and encourage students to consider STEM related careers.

City of Longview Highlands Trail Project Receives Award

shapeimage_1 (3)Congratulations to the City of Longview, their Highlands Trail project recently received a 2013 FHWA/WSDOT Projects of Excellence Award for Best Special Project. The Highlands Trail Project provides a critical recreational link along the bordering residential community to their adjoining parks and open spaces, and provides a significant contribution to the completion of the Cowlitz Regional Trail Plan. The intention is to eventually connect the Highlands Trail to the countywide trail system that is being built in phases. We are proud to have been a part of this important community project.

Gibbs & Olson Awarded Astoria, Oregon 11th Street Combined Sewer Overflow Project

Gibbs & Olson was selected to complete surveying, design and construction phase services for the City’s combined sewer overflow (CSO) separation project. The project includes over 9,000 feet of new storm sewer pipe along 8th through 12th Streets. The $6 million project represents the next step in completing the City’s 20 year program of reducing or eliminating CSOs. This project includes the physical separation of stormwater from the sanitary sewer system. The new storm sewer conveyance system will bypass the City’s interceptor to the wastewater treatment plant and discharge the stormwater, which has not been co-mingled with sanitary sewer, directly to the Columbia River.

Industrial Park at TransAlta Selects Gibbs & Olson for Economic Development Project

In May 2013 Industrial Park at TransAlta selected Gibbs & Olson to provide engineering and permit assistance services for the first phase infrastructure of improvements to 143 acres of reclaimed mining lands. This project will prepare the site for industrial use and will help attract economic opportunities to Lewis County. Improvements to be completed include extending water, sewer, and roadway infrastructure. The project also includes site work consisting of excavation, filling, grading, ground cover, and storm drainage infrastructure to provide 50-75 acres suitable for specific site development by third parties. Funding sources for the project include a $1 million grant from the Washington Department of Commerce and a $2.8 million grant from the US Economic Development Administration.

Rich Gushman Presents At 2013 WOW Conference

shapeimage_1 (4)
Rich Gushman, president of Gibbs & Olson, was on hand at the 2013 Washington Operator Workshop (WOW) Conference to present his expertise on “How to Effectively Reduce Collection System I & I Flows” and discuss lessons learned on past projects. Gibbs & Olson has over 30 years of effective I&I removal project experience. Rich has 24 years of experience and is a technical expert in microbiological, chemical and engineering aspects of wastewater treatment and wastewater residual solids treatment. Download presentation on “How to Effectively Reduce Collection System I & I Flows.”

City of Longview Awards Gibbs & Olson Lake Sacajawea Flushing Project

shapeimage_1 (5)Gibbs & Olson was hired by the City of Longview to evaluate alternatives to provide flushing water to Lake Sacajawea that will allow the city to maintain aesthetics and water quality in the Lake. The City constructed a new regional water treatment plant. Following construction of the new plant, an alternative means of providing “flushing water” to Lake Sacajawea needs to be implemented. Once decommissioned, the existing pumps, piping and pump control system will not operate properly for lake flushing and the existing fish screens must be replaced to meet Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) requirements.